Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Why do this?

That is the question I have been asking myself. To be honest, I am not completely sure why I am doing this. It could be to counter negative media coverage, express myself in new way or maybe just entertain and educate people. Now the obvious question is what am I doing? Well, I am going to give you my view of events as seen through my eyes. Why is my view different from yours? Maybe because I was just born this way.

Oh sure my life started our normal enough, I born in a small town like most Americans. I grew up with small town values and saw America as the greatest place in the world. I still hold that view of America, but the reasons have obviously changed since the days of my youth. I grew up playing baseball, football, cowboys and Indians, and army with my friends. All these kept me busy but playing "army" kind of stuck with me. So, I must have joined the military right our of high school? Nope, I almost did but was counseled otherwise. So ultimately I went off to college, obtained my degree and now I am in senior management at a large technology company.

But, back to how I was "just born this way". I have always somewhat regretted that fact that I never served in the military, not so much from a sense of duty but more from a desire to do the work. So it is with some internal drive to do the work of soldier that I live my life and create these postings. This drive tends to shape you view of the world. It shapes it until things are very clearly right or wrong, black or white, and to some extent American or anti-American. I shapes your priorities, your view of other people and your interaction with other people.

So when you read my musings.... remember I was just born this way.